Friday night; restorative yoga in yurt,
Hope that everyone had a lovely Easter w


Recipe testing for the Katie Louise Yoga
• schedule of classes this week • _Tuesd
Apologies for the radio silence of late!
A few rounds of nadi shodhana helps to c
#throwbackthursday to when my I could ac
My heart has felt heavy these past few w
From garden to plate.jpg
Class this Thursday _ West Buckland outs
Scene before restorative class today. Bo
Purple smoothie! So much yumminess! #oat
I’ve only gone and won! 😮 thank you tha
I am craving nature at the moment.jpg
Venues for me don’t get much better than
I’m back online yogis!! A huge thank you
Stretching out the hamstrings in today's
Happy summer solstice & international yo
Trying to find 5 mins to yourself being
Morning yoga with hot lemon followed by
Off out with my munchkin today so prepar
All about down time today.jpg Starting w
Don’t be anyone else’s expectations of w
When I’m feeling good, when I’ve been ea
Feeling super energised and juicy after
What a great start to the weekend! A hug
••Exciting times ahead!!•• I’m in the mi