One to Ones

Yoga was traditionally taught on a one-to-one basis, between Teacher and Student. 


You may be a Beginner, who wishes to gain confidence before attending a group class, or already studying, and have a particular area of your practice that you wish to work on. I work with all levels, and customise the session to you and your requirements.


Your lifestyle may be very busy, and the logistics of attending a class on time after finishing work / running errands to hard. Arranging a one-to-one is set around your timetable, and be much more convenient. 

***I do not currently have any availability to take on any

more one to ones at the moment***


You and your partner / siblings / friends may wish to gain confidence and experience in your yoga practice, or simply spend some time together doing something you love. A small private group class is perfect for all occasions.

Fancy having a birthday party or hen party with a twist? Arranging a private group can be a great way to have some fun, and incorporate some exercise too! 

One-to-Ones and Small Groups can be held in the privacy of your home. Alternatively, I am able to arrange a small studio space.



I'm happy to tailor the sessions to work towards your specific goals, and adapt based on your learning level.

If you have any injuries or medical conditions, your sessions can be designed to accommodate them.

Schedule the sessions at your convenience, to suit your own timetable, rather than class times.

Private sessions saves you time and money on travel getting to a class, and focus on you.

Please contact me for pricing