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How life has changed since the start of the year. Lockdown in full force with the Coronavirus affecting the whole world. I consider myself extremely lucky during this lockdown. I do not have to work 9-5 with both my girls at home, I do not have to worry about working all day helping those with the virus with the worry of brining it home to my family, I have access to a car and a local shop which means I can take food and necessities to my parents whilst they are isolating and ensuring we have what we need.

We as a family are naturally home birds with a passion of taking ourselves to the woods or the beach if we like to get out. So staying home all day with the option for a walk once a day luckily suits us.

That being said it is a worrying time, scary the challenges we are all going through, health, money, metal health. What the country, our livelihoods are going to look like after this passes....If I allow myself to sink into these thoughts and worry then anxiety starts to build which we know is not good for our health and immune system so here are my tips of what is helping us a family to get through at this time

1) A flexible routine

I emphasise flexible because although we have a routine in place it is not time dependant and we allow things to alter if the weather is not great, we haven't had a good nights sleep or we just have those days where tele and cuddles is the only thing going to work for us.

I myself am starting each day my self care routine (see below). Thats my time so I can be completely present with the girls without feeling like I haven't had my time. We have mornings for chores, school work (girls are at different stages so trying to find balance with each) reading, maths, writing then we have snacks, outdoor run around for the girls which in this sunny weather is pretty much lasting all day! Then afternoons are spent doing fun craft activities, experiments then come late afternoon its up to the girls what they do play outdoors, in their bedroom, pads or some tele.

2) Self care

At the moment I luckily have the time to spend on a routine in the mornings. Consisting of a hot lemon water, meditation and flow on my mat followed by a green juice and a coffee mid morning. This is becoming very sacred to me as it is my time and consists of things that make me happy and calm.

3) To do list

Something I started about month ago was a kind of 'To Do' journal. I had so much on my mind and kept forgetting things so this has helped me alot! I make a list of things to do in general, things I have to do for my business, chores and self care I would like to do that week. Then I tick off once they are done. Helps my mindset alot! I'll share more of this in another post.

4) Movement

Yoga is my priority when it comes to movement, vinyasa, yin, restorative, ashtanga all of it I love and mix it up as to what my body and mind needs. I am also trying to spice things up by including a HITT session once a week courtesy of YOU TUBE I would have no idea what to do other wise haha. Then throwing in some squats, dancing and gardening throughout the day. The girls are on the trampoline, running about, playing ball or rolling out the yoga mat :) Going for walks as a family and getting fresh air is so important for us all.

5) Food

I like to think we eat healthily at least 90% of the time but there has never been a more important time to focus on our health making sure our immune system is at its top!

We are all including lots of greens at dinner time, juices, smoothies, snacking on veggies olives and nuts throughout the day. Drinking water and herbal teas is also a must!

6) Down time

Taking time out to chill, letting go of adulthood whats going on in the world for an evening is needed! Netflix, glass of wine, dark chocolate always a good option for us. Even doing a pubquiz over skype with family is a sure way to have a few giggles! This includes time out for the girls too, settling down in the evening to play scrabble, watch a film, reading books is their shut down time too.

So this is what is working for us at the moment, Please feel free to share with me whats working for you at the moment is these crazy times!

I hope you and your family are well and stay well!

Katie xxx

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