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Keeping the mind and body healthy in lockdown!

I hope that you are reading this blog, staying safe at home and enjoying the sunshine!

So we are heading into....i'm not quite sure actually of how many weeks it has been haha but it is still feeling like the school holidays at the moment, I'm sure after 6 weeks I may be feeling different!

After having a break from home schooling for Easter Holidays where we spent most of the time outside in the garden, bike rides and walks to the pond and woods we are now getting back into the swing of things finding our routine again.

My morning routine is pretty well established, lemon water, yoga, juice/smoothie or sometimes I fast until lunch with just a coffee mid morning then its our day activities in this case schooling and free play. My evening routine..well hmmm thats still a bit hit or miss something I'm working on as I would like a more established evening routine. I'll share more when I am more consistent!

At this time our health is on the front of our minds more than ever and I wanted to share what we have been doing to help us keep at our healthiest!

1) Food

This is the BIGGEST if not the most important aspect we have been focussing on. This has meant making more smoothies including flaxseed, hemp seeds, pea protein and raw cacao powder to get more omega 3's, antioxidants, calcium, iron, protein and healthy fats into our diet. Increasing our green veg such as more broccoli, spinach and peas and eating plenty of carrots, berries and bananas for more vitamins in our diet. I have been sneaking in Coyo yoghurt with live cultures into the girls smoothies as well for gut health as they don't particularly like it on its own. Joe and I just have it with some mixed berries and nuts. Drinking plenty of water too.

2) Movement

Our daily walk / girls bike ride is super important to keep our blood circulating for our lymphatic system. The girls have been outdoors on trampoline and generally running about keeping them moving. Joe and I have been doing our weekly HIIT for our cardio-respiratory health as well as Joe running (not me! although I would love to) and we have been working our butts off in the garden as we are basically renovating the whole thing which involves alot of physical work. And as ever I am truly grateful for my yoga practice which I do daily. We have a rest day on Sunday which consist of just a walk.

3) Connection

What has helped a huge amount for myself is staying connected with those I love. We have weekly evenings now dedicated to doing quizzes and games with our families and closest friends. It has honestly been such a huge thing that I think I would have gone stir crazy without having that weekly connection and chit chat! We have such a laugh and it really is the best time, I hope it continues after we are even out of lockdown! Been a big plus for our mental health.

4) Brain training

I don't know about you but there is only so much netflix and tele I can take haha. Don't get me wrong I love a good binge on a quality tv show or a good film but I need something else to keep the cogs going if you know what I mean! I have been playing sudoku, doing a jigsaw puzzle, Joe and I have been doing some crosswords and these quizzes we have been doing with the family over skype def get the brain going! Keeping ourselves from that brain fog is also a good thing to keep us healthy and mentally strong.

So there you go that's how we are keeping ourselves healthy during this time, as well as hand washing obviously!

I hope you have enjoyed reading this and please feel free to share what you have been doing also!

Take Care, stay safe

Katie xxx

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