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2020, the year of change.

In September we were allowed to navigate back into the world again, with restrictions, but none the less able to find our way back into our routines and life. This may have looked different; Businesses have had to redesign their offering, so they can keep running, families evaluating how their time is spent together, schools finding new ways to keep our children and themselves safe, doctors surgeries and hospitals implementing new ways to work the list goes on.

But we can't ignore the emotional shift that has occurred as well. Time this summer gave us the opportunity to re-evaluate and re-prioritise what we want our life's to actually look like on the other side of lockdown. A blessing really that the universe granted us perhaps the best weather in years so we could spend us much time in nature and the outdoors as possible. Families finding ways to bond and spend more time than ever together! (took the 6 weeks summer holiday to a whole new level!)

Zoom, Skype, Facetime, Instagram and Facebook became our lifeline to stay connected with our friends and loved ones. Making more effort with people because we were all in the same boat. Lets just say that the pandemic of 2020 is something that the human race all over the world have in common! An ice breaker for years to come if ever stumped for conversation haha!

Personally social media; Instagram and facebook has been a big part of my business for the last 5 years, and in lockdown it allowed me to stay connected to my students and others following me. I had extra time to post onto the platforms, no timetable to stick to, freedom to put out inspiration when I could. Thats not to say it was all positive and this is not a new feeling for me. The past year or so I have battled with social media and my place in it. On one side of it, I love being able to inspire and be inspired by others, but the more time I spent on social media the less time I was feeling inspired and feelings of conflict arose and this brought up triggers for me.

But the question I kept coming back to was can I be successful without it? Will my business survive without it? So I have kept with it.

During lockdown and keeping up with the losing battle of the algorithm, I continued to take pictures to post and videos to help inspire. But then I recognised more than I did before lockdown, my girls watch everything I do! It was just me and them pretty much the days of lockdown. I began to notice the small things, they started to want to take pictures of things a lot more and my eldest wanted to start filming things she had done. Is this a huge horrible thing, no not really, but for me it really made me step back and think wow, this is not the road I want them to start going down this young! Joe and I have always been of the opinion not to have their faces on social media. We are not saying others that post of their little ones are wrong, not at all we would never, but for us it was a no. Too many factors about being online especially at a young age is not for us.

Then we watched the Social Dilemma on Netflix and wow, If you have not watched it yet then that is the next thing you should watch,!! For me it was a game changer and it really stirred up something in me that I knew was there but had ignored and after watching the documentary it was a no brainer going forward for me to be honest.

I completely overhauled my phone, apps I use, how I spend my time on it, decided to stop posting to instagram/facebook and a few months down the road I KNOW it was the best thing i've done. The relief I feel at having deleted those apps from my phone oh my gosh I feel so much better for it and I truly believe if it wasn't for lockdown I don't think I would have got there as soon as I did. Lockdown allowed me space to re-valuate my ways, prioritising my mental health and the way I want the girls to look up to me.

So I wanted to share the positives I have taken from overhauling my social media and phone use!


Do you ever use the phase " I don't have the time, I'm so busy"

Well I ask you to see how many times a day you open those little apps to scroll for 5, 10, 15 minutes. That adds up throughout the day and by the end of it you may have half hour or even an hour where you have sat and looked at the screen in your hand.

What could you have done with that time that you are usually saying I don't have the time to do that... A walk, a workout , read a chapter of a book, sat with a drink outside in the sun.....


Why do you pick up your phone?

Everytime you go use your phone ask yourself why you are picking it up?

For me once I became more aware of why I was picking up my phone to post or scroll I realised it was when I was feeling bored, restless or wanting to escape!

Feeling bored, pick up a crossword or book. Want to escape, step outside into nature and take some deep breaths in the fresh air. Feeling restless, roll out your mat, turn up the music and dance!


I don't know about you but I have days and accounts that I follow who really motivate me and give me great ideas for my wellbeing and other days they don't.

Especially during lockdown seeing the way others were able to grow their businesses with memberships and online classes, which wasn't an option for me homeschooling and being with the girls 24/7. At times It triggered me that I didn't have the body of others and many others things.

Now I do not have these accounts to look at everyday, notifying me, being a constant I am so much more content and KNOW that I do my absolute best everyday. I am not living up to anyones standards apart from my own.


They are not watching me take photos of my day, staring at my screen in my hand.

My eyes are watching them, playing with them being more present.

They are seeing me practice yoga for ME!

Seeing me sit and read through a recipe book, which they usually start telling me what ones they want us to cook or sudoko or staring out at the garden and sky ( a favourite thing of mine to do haha) rather than at a phone.

I feel so much happier they are seeing me do those things.


I appreciate that this has been a long post haha, so if you are still reading thank you so much!

I'll still put the odd post /notification out about classes but I intend to spend more time investing into this blog and my newsletter so that it is not a constant in your every day life distracting you, but a one off for you to read and look at over with a cuppa and appreciate it once in a while. Hoping to still bring you inspiration away from social media platforms.

I would love to hear from you if you decide to step away from your phone more and what positives you can find

Katie xxx

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