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Start as we mean to go on....

Well lets start this post of by saying a very Happy new Year and new decade!

I've been a slack on the blog posts so apologies for that, towards the end of last year, life got, lets just say a little overwhelming and it was difficult to stay on top of additional tasks in my life aside from getting out of bed and making sure my family were fed! haha

Any hoo after a little break away from teaching and getting full swing into the festivities with my girls, my family and close friends, eating and drinking waaayyy to much (never said i was the prefect yogi ;) ) I was excited to get back to our first class of the year on Saturday 4th January for our New Year Intention Setting class.

Stepping away taking my annual break from social media, emails etc and in general my normal routine really gave me the opportunity to re-evaluate my priorities, my path of how I wish to step forward into this new year.

Now this is not to say I have set myself new years resolutions as such but evaluated what has been working for me, my family, what isn't serving us positively, what I can let go of and what steps can I take to make positive changes to our life.

What we eat, drink, watch, listen too, people you surround you all an impact to our wellbeing so this shouldn't be just an evaluation at New Years, its worthwhile to invest your time into re-evaluating throughout the year.

With that being said, I am off to check on the slow cook, getting back to fresh food

( instead of chip shop chips ha! ) then ploughing on with my tax return - the downside to self employment, but also feels good to be getting my admin straight again!

Maybe you can find some time this week to look inwards, tune in and see what can make this year a positive one!

Much Love

Katie x

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