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Starting a home Yoga practice

When it comes to a home yoga practice the common thought patterns I hear from people are " I'd love to do a home practice but don't know where to start " I don't have the time" "I'm a full time working parent, everything else comes first"...the list can go on.

However from my experience being a parent, having worked full time in the city, having suffered with anxiety and depression I can completely understand how daunting it can seem to start a home practice or even fit yoga into your schedule attending a class.

One of the key things I have learnt is that Routine is key when starting out! 

So here are my top tips to help you get started....

1) A good place to start is a morning routine, it wakes you up and gives you time to focus on yourself ahead of a busy day. If this is not possible find a time of day when you know you can have 15/30 mins to yourself

2) Set your alarm before the house wakes up (If you have kids I appreciate this seems like a crazy idea but trust me that alone time before the madness starts its so worth it!) 

3) Have everything you need the night before: mat, straps, even a full kettle to get yourself a warm drink ready for arriving on your mat

4) Find somewhere in the house (or even the garden in the summer) that makes you feel calm. Natural sunlight, uncluttered space and plants all have a calming nature to begin your day with

5) Think of what you could do to make that practice more inviting to get up to. Maybe treat yourself to a beautifully scented candle that you only use when you practice, find a crystal that you connect with or simply just find beautiful to look at, a lovely journal for you to write down gratitude, your thoughts and feelings and have these at the ready to make it a more sacred routine just for yourself 

6) If you are unsure of what to do when you get on your mat, buy yourself a book, or sign up to my newsletter to receive a short sequence each month (details on home page of website) As you get deeper into your practice you will become more in tune with your body and listen to what it wants to do

5)  Start off small. A few minutes to start off breathing, 10 mins to move, 5 mins to relax. Don't set yourself a time for an hours practice when your starting out if you know you wont be able to commit to it

6) If all you do when you get to your mat is child's pose DO NOT be judgemental and hard on yourself. That is obviously what you need! Listen to your body and your needs and trust that you know whats best for you

7) To start with try to incorporate this just once or twice a week into your routine, you may find you feel so good having this time to practice that you want to do it more and thats awesome. However if you only manage it once that week thats good too

I truly hope that you are able to get some help from this for starting up your own yoga practice. Once you have it, its something very personal that you can treasure and look forward too! 

Please feel free to ask me any questions or let me know how you are getting on with a yoga practice at home. Also feel free to share any tips that you have found useful so that others can perhaps learn something from you.

Thank you for reading! 


Katie xx

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