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Welcome to the new website!

I would love to start this blog by saying a huge HELLO! Whether this is the first time you have visited my website or returning to it, thank you for stopping by!

I started the new year (2019) deciding that this year had to be a hell of alot simpler! I had to slow down as I was very quickly burning out and wasn't becoming much good to anyone around me. Can't pour from an empty cup as they say!

It got me thinking about not only what I can do in my personal life (online shopping is my new best friend!) but also about my business and what my goal is and what service I want to be of to the universe.

I had started to look at my website with fresh eyes and I felt it had become so busy with all my offerings and the layout felt complicated so I made the decision to start afresh with clean lines, simpler colours and the result is what your looking at today!

As I continue my journey through teaching and social media I have come to realise I am asked about food recipes I've posted, wellbeing products I use, jewellery and clothes that I wear and where I buy certain things food / zero waste related. So this new website is taking that into consideration too!

Incorporating all of it into this NEW BLOG where I will be be featuring all things yoga, food and wellbeing to help spread my passion for wellness!

It will be featuring yoga practice tips, breathing exercises, healthy recipes, as well as products that I use for myself and family for our wellbeing.

In addition to the Blog I am launching a FREE SUBSCRIPTION E-Mail newsletter. For all those that subscribe you will receive a monthly newsletter including an example of the following:

  • A short Yoga sequence (video or photo)

  • A healthy nutritious recipe

  • Up to date class information

  • A student inspiration story

And to launch this new website look, Blog and newsletter, for every person that shares the website on social media and subscribes to the newsletter all will be put into a competition to win a block booking of £30 as well as a tote bag featuring the Katie Louise Yoga logo.

I would love to hear what you think of the new look website, blog and Subscription email so please feel free to comment below or send me a message on social media :)

Again thank you for taking the time to read this post!

If you have any questions you can contact me via katielouiseyoga@hotmail.com


Katie xxx

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