Here are a few reviews by people who have attended my classes.


Katie leads with a combination of stretching, balancing and relaxation that was the perfect blend to clear the mind and refresh the body. The class was made up of a mixture of all different levels of yoga – from complete novices, to the more experienced participants – but no-one felt left behind. Katie’s teaching method of explaining how and why each pose should be performed, coupled with the benefits to the body of performing the poses, really helped better shape my understanding of the practice. Add into that a great selection of music and props to keep the class going. She finished the class with a fantastic relaxation, which I can confirm left me sleeping like baby. - Holly

Absolutely loved Katie’s Vinyasa Yoga class! Her instructions and explanations are easy to understand and follow. She demonstrates the moves and sequences throughout, and adjusts your body when required.

Additionally, Katie knows exactly when to push you further to challenge your body for a great workout, which is exactly what I wanted out of her classes! - Leanne

Going to Katie's Yoga class is part of my life now, and what keeps me centred, focused and calm. She brings a wonderful peacefulness to the room with her guidance, support and mellow music in the background. Put it this way, if you have never tried a lavender eye pillow, you need to get to one of her classes. 

After a great yoga practice, Katie sets the mood for savasana with fairy lights, soft music, fantastic lavender eye pillows, and goes around to each of her clients, and gives you a small head rub to relax you even more, and feel at one with yourself. I couldn't imagine going to anyone else's Yoga class now I've been to Katie's. She is wonderful at her job, and a wonderful lady inside and out. - Ami

After a spinal injury, Katie was able to give me tailored instructions, even in a class. After time, my posture improved, and I was moving easier. People noticed the difference. Katie gave me back my confidence, and I was moving in ways I didn't think possible. I couldn't recommend Katie enough. She really cares about all of her students, and this makes all the difference. - Sean

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My class with Katie is 'my time'.  I love every minute.  Katie is the best teacher, and is a true ambassador of Yoga.  Her classes are both relaxing and taxing in the best possible way.  Not to be missed. - Louise

​I've been going to Katie Louise Yoga class since September 2015. Her classes are simply the best. Feeling so much better in body and soul. Thank you Katie! - Annie

I started coming to Katie’s yoga classes 4 months ago, after a long spell of doing hardly any exercise at all, and as a beginner of Yoga.  From the very first class, I noticed a change in my posture, energy, flexibility and quality of sleep. The small class sizes feel like they are tailored specially for you, with lots of personal help and attention, as well as a really good balance of familiar and new poses. I particularly love Katie’s classes for all the personal touches, and especially the fabulous relaxation with blankets and eye masks. Very highly recommended! - Kellie

I've just started coming to Katie's classes and I really enjoy them.  I've never done yoga before and she explains how to do it very well, she is a lovely, genuine lady and the hour flies by.  I feel quite energised afterwards and it's a great way to start the weekend. - Fran R

I really enjoy Katie's yoga classes. She is a patient teacher with great energy. She has worked wonders for my back, after a life of bad posture, and I always leave her classes relaxed and balanced. - Fran 

I have really enjoyed attending Katie's yoga classes, as they help to keep my joints supple, and bring some calm to the day and week. I always look forward to the classes, as we have an excellent teacher. - Jane 

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